"We contracted with Organic Navigation to help us transfer our sensing technology from the lab to an OEM's contract manufacturer and they delivered admirably! Not only did they have the technical skills necessary to complete this technically challenging task but the structured project management approach they utilized was second to none. I highly recommend them for your similar business needs."
Mike G.
President and CEO
Tech Spin-off from University of Minnesota

Teams work with us to:

  • Attain confidence that best sensing performance is being achieved
  • Bring in focused attention from algorithm and sensor fusion experts
  • Resolve issues observed by their customers
  • Reduce project technical risk by proving feasibility sooner
  • Prove feasibility ahead of a hardware design freeze
  • Selecting the right motion sensors

Experience with standard tools: Scientific Python, MATLAB, Simulink, Code Generation, Embedded C/C++, Test & Data Management

Project Management

Rapid collaboration using Scrum methodology for project management. Weekly stakeholder updates with continuous delivery and demonstration of sprint progress. Clear communication on project status and timeline. Focus on project priorities without getting lost in technical details.

Simulation & Testing

Accelerate physical testing of autonomous systems with software simulations and leverage digital twins. Leverage Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) and Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing to cut development time and prevent surprises.

  • Modeling and System Identification (System ID)
  • Sensor Modeling
  • System Simulation
  • SIL and HIL Testing
  • Digital Twin
  • Continuous Integration

Guidance, Navigation, and Control Loop

System engineering of the Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) loop from design and simulation to implementation and testing. Troubleshoot challenging issues buried within subsystems. Understand the nuances of each subsystem and how they interact.

  • Simulate GNC Performance with Upgraded Sensors
  • Data and Message Management
  • Timing Diagrams

Estimation & Sensor Fusion

Develop the appropriate estimation and sensor fusion algorithms for the application. Document and upgrade existing implementations or design new and improved algorithms. Combine sensing and mapping.

  • SLAM: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Kalman Filtering
  • Forward-Backward Smoother
  • Adaptive Filtering
  • Non-Linear Least-Squares
  • Bundle Adjustment
We Help Technical Teams Build Reliable Autonomous Systems