Organic Navigation was founded in 2016 and is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Our core offering combines intelligence with physical systems to create organic technology-based products and services: responsibly developed and designed with consideration for the broader impact they may have on our lives.

Our team has a broad range of engineering and science backgrounds including aerospace, electrical, mechanical, and computer science. This enables us to contribute to a broad set of applications.

The Team

Hamid Mokhtarzadeh

Principal Navigation Engineer

Hamid has expertise in sensor fusion, navigation systems, and custom engineering software tools. He received a PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota for research on estimators and sensor fusion systems for cooperative navigation applications.

Saber Taghvaeeyan

Head of Intelligent Systems

Saber has expertise in machine learning, time-series analysis, and sensor fusion. He has an bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and received a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota. He was a research specialist and product owner with the 3M Company for 5 years before joining Organic Navigation.