Detailed Testimonial

"My name is Eric Bailey. I had the pleasure of working with Organic Navigation when I was an Engineering Fellow at Boston Scientific Corporation. At the time, my team was developing tracking and visualization tools for the operating theater using electro-magnetic fields. Organic Navigation was hired to help solve the very difficult problem of dealing with magnetic field distortions due to ferrous and conductive materials in or about the operating theater.
I and others in the team had worked with Hamid (Organic Navigation's Founder and CEO) in the past and felt comfortable in hiring Organic Navigation to investigate the applicability of Machine Learning to the field distortion problem. At the time, there were few individuals within Boston Scientific using Machine Learning to solve engineering problems. Consequently, my team was completely reliant on the skills and knowledge of Organic Navigation. As a team leader with an electrical engineering education and no Machine Learning background, I was concerned with being able to effectively oversee their work. My fears were quickly alleviated through the exceptional planning and communications skills of Hamid and Saber. They were also very good at explaining the relevant concepts, technologies and tools. This allowed me and others in the team to critique their work and participate in the problem solving process."

Teams work with us to:

  • Attain confidence that best sensing performance is being achieved
  • Bring in focused attention from algorithm and sensor fusion experts
  • Diagnose & resolve issues observed by their customers
  • Reduce project technical risk by proving feasibility sooner
  • Prove feasibility ahead of a design freeze

We utilize industry standard tools, have experience working in laboratory environments, regularly conducted lab and operating room testing of devices, and have experience working with multidisciplinary teams.


black and white digital heart beat monitor at 97 display

Leverage the latest in motion sensing, machine learning, and sensor fusion to provide the best healthcare services and device designs.

  • Indoor tracking system for hospital facilities
  • Smart sensing and documentation of compliance procedures
  • Flexible medical devices for diagnostics
  • Fitness and motion sensing and coaching using sensors and software analytics

Guided Procedures

people wearing surgical clothes inside operating room

Systematically develop and test complex guided procedure systems. Troubleshoot issues observed by care providers and improve capabilities of existing systems.

  • Electromagnetic (EM) tracking systems
  • Optical tracking systems
  • Lab robotics and accuracy testing
  • Advanced batch and real-time sensor fusion algorithms
  • Cardiac mapping technology
  • Distortion detection and compensation
  • System modeling and simulation
  • Multidisciplinary team collaboration

Project Management

Rapid collaboration using Scrum methodology for project management. Weekly stakeholder updates with continuous delivery and demonstration of sprint progress. Clear communication on project status and timeline. Focus on project priorities without getting lost in technical details.

man wearing medical mask and robe
We help deliver reliable medical devices and guided procedure systems.