The Process

Our partnerships grow in phases, iteratively delivering solutions and incrementally growing the partnership. These phases are defined by a series of milestones, each designed to deliver tangible progress on the project goals.

Milestone 0

The initial milestone is important as it both defines a solution strategy and establishes our first experience working together. Milestone 0 is dedicated to three things:

  1. understanding the project goals
  2. reviewing related efforts
  3. collaboratively define project milestones

Our iterative design process means we like to limit the time and budget allocated to Milestone 0. Four weeks is an ideal duration. It is enough time to outline the first few milestones and detail the immediate Milestone 1. Further refinement of the strategy can happen later as part of receiving feedback on the delivered milestones.

Milestone 1, 2, ...

Embarking on the first milestone makes sense after agreeing to a strategy and demonstrating a working relationship. The outcome of Milestone 1 is chosen to be both well defined and to demonstrate tangible progress to the project stakeholders. A good duration for Milestone 1 is long enough to take an appreciable step forward in the project.

Subsequent milestones iteratively define and deliver on that strategy. The organization of our partnerships are embedded with opportunities to both demonstrate progress to stakeholders and collect stakeholder feedback. The partnership continues until the project goals is achieved.

Investment Arrangements

Our collaborations can be arranged as a partnership or as a consulting service. In both cases the above process is used to deliver on the project goals. In contrast to the consulting service, the partnership has a shared risk/reward model.


A partnership is an excellent option when our offerings are complementary to your products or services. These can be organized as lisencing agreements or revenue sharing models. Partnerships allow all involved to focus on their core strengths. Together we focus on delivering a successful product or service.

Consulting Service

Our consulting services extend the capabilities of your team. These are organized as a service agreement and we will deliver on the project objectives.

Core Strengths

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