We've prepared a reference navigation kit with everything needed to log accurate data in less than 10 minutes.
  • Designed to provide navigation information when you need it
  • Can be rented out with a reasonable weekly rate
  • Pay for the duration it is with you (no charge for shipping)



Measuring the true motion and dynamics is non-trivial and is best done with high-end reference sensors. But these sensors are costly to purchase, time-consuming to acquire, and difficult to use. We have overcome this hurdle and want to share the solution. We use the reference navigation kit internally for our own projects and can share the same with you. So you too can develop and test your technology using a reliable reference system.

What to Expect

Accuracy Levels

  • Heading: 0.15 deg
  • Pitch/Roll: 0.03 pitch/roll
  • Position: 0.6 m
  • Velocity: <0.015 m/s

Hardware Provided

  • Sensor, dual antennas, RF cables: antennas mounted onto 4-ft aluminum extrusion
  • Power: portable rechargeable battery with matching cable
  • Logging: data logged to built-in storage
  • Communication Cables: USB Type-A cable for downloading data logged

Data Collection and Parsing
Software will be made available for extracting 20+ Hz attitude, position, and velocity to CSV.

For more information, visit reference navigation sensor documentation page: https://gitlab.com/onav/ref-nav-sensor.